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Progress is underway on the Puerto Vallarta-Highland Park
Sister Cities House of Culture


This community center will be located in the town of Ixtapa in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta. Home to 39,083 inhabitants, this area of  is the most populated town in the municipality. The Center will be the home for programs in the arts, music, sport, education, and more.


The architect who drew up the plans works for a prestigious hotel chain and has friends nationwide who will be working on the project. Each room will be named for a person or organization that has provided support and there will be a wall with the names of the people whose efforts will make this dream a reality.


HPSCF Vice President  Matt Pestine presented Puerto Vallarta Sister Cities President Paula Martinez

with the money raised from our Virtual Wine Appreciation fundraiser for the

Cultural Center and programs in Puerto Vallarta.

A delegation from the HPSCF and the Puerto Vallarta Sister Cities Committee recently visited the site of the Cultural Center. Members of the Ixtapa Council are also pictured.

Click the button below to make a donation to the Center.

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