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Educational Exchanges 

  • Sponsoring an Adult Literacy Program in underserved communities in Puerto Vallarta

  • Collaborated with the Mexican Consulate in Chicago and our partners in Puerto Vallarta to create a Virtual Art Class for Children

  • Donated Chromebooks to several schools in Puerto Vallarta

  • Three teachers from Highland Park taught in rural schools using the Chromebooks

  • Wrote and published Cultures United by Shared Values, (available on Amazon)

  • Created an award-winning virtual classroom project connecting students in Modena and Puerto Vallarta with students in Highland Park

  • Sent robotics kits to Yerucham, and students on the District 113 robotics team worked with students in Yerucham over Skype to build a robot that took first place at the First Tech Challenge. 

  • Brought a "green architect" from Yerucham to participate in Focus on the Arts to share techniques utilizing the sun, wind, and water to build environmentally friendly buildings, cutting costs and promoting energy savings.

Culinary, Performing, and Visual Arts Exchanges

   * Virtual Wine Appreciation Class to raise money for Cultural and Educational Programs in underserved   

      communities in   Puerto Vallarta

  • Virtual Cooking Class with Chef Thierry Blouet to raise funds for Art and Cultural Programs for children in Puerto Vallarta

  • Virtual Concert, From Modena with Love, featuring Modenese tenor Gianni Coletta

  • Puerto Vallarta/Sister Cities Student Jazz Festival

  • Highland Park Strings Trio taught Masterclasses to music students in Puerto Vallarta

  • Sister Cities International Youth Choral Festival in Puerto Vallarta

  • Brought tenor from Modena to Highland Park to perform at FOCUS on the Arts and local concerts

  • Brought OPERA from Modena to Puerto Vallarta

  • Brought Puerto Vallarta music students to Highland Park to participate in music classes and attend Ravinia

  • Hosted three Sister Cities Culinary Exchanges, featuring chefs from each of our sister cities and local celebrity chefs

  • Partnered with the Ravinia Festival to "Celebrate Mexico" featuring a concert by Mexican born, world-famous pianist and Highland Park resident, Jorge Federico Osorio

  • Port Clinton Art Festival-Brought artists from Puerto Vallarta to participate

  • Commissioned the mural, Cultures United by Music, by Chicago artist Oscar Romero honoring Highland Park and Puerto Vallarta’s Sister City relationship-The mural is on permanent exhibit at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

Sports Exchanges 

  • Sponsored and organized the Highland Park High School’s Boy’s Soccer team’s trip to participate in a soccer tournament in Modena.

  • Sponsored the Highland Park Sister Cities Foundation’s International Youth Soccer Tournament

Local Business Exchanges

  • Highland Park Physical Medicine – Dr. Kinal Patel conducted workshops for physicians and veterinarians on chiropractic medicine

  • Pilates Center of the North Shore – Deb LaMantia, owner/instructor participated in exchanges in Pilates and Yoga in Puerto Vallarta

  • Chicago Anti Cruelty Society – Partnered with Chicago Anti Cruelty Society and Bienestar Animal shelter in Puerto Vallarta

Fire Protection and Humanitarian Efforts

  • Procured Jaws of Life equipment for Puerto Vallarta- Brought Bomberos from Puerto Vallarta to be trained to use the equipment

  • During the Pandemic, we worked with our counterparts in Puerto Vallarta to bring food and supplies to needy communities.

Support for Charitable Organizations

  • Corazón de Niña – a home for children in Puerto Vallarta that provides a nurturing family environment for at-risk girls and boys of all ages

  • Actea - an organization in Modena that provides scholarships and Masterclasses for opera students

  • The Asilo San Juan Diego Senior Home in Puerto Vallarta

  • A dental clinic in the Negev that cares for those in need, including the Bedouin population

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